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 Learn About B&W Awning Manufacturing Company

If you’re looking for an awning company, you’ve come to the right place. B&W Awning Manufacturing Company was founded in 1885. Learn about their history, products, and locations. You’ll also learn about the awnings they offer. And if you need a custom awning, they can help you create the perfect one.

B&W Awning Manufacturing Company was founded in 1885

The B&W Awning Manufacturing Company has been designing, manufacturing, and installing quality awnings in Kentucky, Tennessee, Southern Ohio, and Indiana for over 130 years. The company specializes in a variety of awnings and awning materials, including custom fabric and wall padding. The company serves residential customers as well as retail establishments and apartment complexes.

The company began manufacturing awning hardware in the 1880s and later expanded its offerings to include tents. By 1909, the company was incorporated and owned by Walter C. Astrup, the founder’s son. By 1956, the company was producing $10 million annually and was a leading distributor of awning fabric and hardware. When Walter https://www.awningsofatlanta.com/ Astrup passed away in 1970, his nephews took over as the company’s officers.


Awnings are an excellent way to protect your home from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your property, consider installing awnings. You may be interested in learning more about the various styles and types available. Awnings can be installed on your patio, porch, or backyard.

The Awning Company offers many different types and colors of awnings to match your home’s decor. They also offer expert installation by highly skilled awning installers. These factors make The Awning Company the preferred vendor in Orange County. They provide excellent customer service and high-quality products at the best possible prices.

Quality awnings are durable and last for many years. They are made from quality materials and frames. A good awning can last up to 25 years. On the other hand, cheap awnings can last for only five or six years. For durability, look for an awning with an engineering certification. Also, look for fabric endorsements from trusted companies. High-end awning manufacturers will be able to offer a wide range of styles and colors. The best companies will also offer custom designs.