Types of Pest Management

Pest management involves the management of pests with a combination of chemical and non-chemical means. The goal is to reduce pest populations to levels that cause minimal economic injury. Pest management practices can be divided into three types: biological, mechanical, and integrated. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. In addition to controlling pests, integrated pest management also includes other methods.

Biological control

Biological control for pest management is the practice of using living agents to suppress pest populations. This method relies on releasing large numbers of natural enemies that are known to suppress pests in a targeted area. These agents are usually released at the exact time and place that the target pests are most abundant. The release is often done through inoculation or flooding.

Biological control is an important tool for controlling pests in a variety of environments. Biological control for pest management is often used in conjunction with chemical pesticides. This method provides a knockdown effect on the pest population after it has reached a damaging level. The aim is to control the pest population and keep it at a low density.

Mechanical control

Mechanical control for pest management involves the use of physical and hands-on methods to eliminate pests. It is especially useful when the problem is acute and there is a high pest population. Ideally, mechanical control should be used in conjunction with other IPM strategies. The Best Pest Control New Rochelle use of pesticides should be a last resort, as this strategy does not work as well alone.

Mechanical controls are an effective way to eliminate pests that feed on plant foliage. These include the Colorado potato beetle, the Mexican bean beetle, and the tomato hornworm. Some pests are easily dislodged by shaking plants. Other pests, such as the plum curculio beetle, can be removed by banging the limbs of trees with a padded stick. If the insects are adults, you can collect them on a white sheet.