Total Image Group Uses ERP to Manage eCommerce Business Processes

Total Image Group is using a custom ERP to manage its eCommerce business processes. The custom ERP allows the company to streamline its internal processes, improve workflow, and better adjust its customer experience. The ERP is a web-based integrated application that allows company employees to track metrics and compile reports. This application can also improve the total image group’s sales statistics.

Custom ERP for the Total Image Group

Custom ERP is a powerful business tool that Total Image Group has used to boost its internal processes, improve workflow and customer experience. The integrated web application helps the company to monitor sales and metrics, as well as compile reports for management. It provides a single, centralized location for all company employees to access data and information, and allows them to access data, compile reports, and analyze sales data in real time.

A customized ERP system requires careful planning, starting with a work plan and analyzing any gaps in your current processes. The next step is to set parameters in the software to meet the requirements. Ideally, the ERP does not require a lot of changes to your existing system. However, Total Image Group it may require programming for data migration and interfaces. In addition, the project team will standardize data definitions and evaluate existing files for quality. Once this is complete, the existing data is migrated to the new system.

New fashion-focused label Capsule Collection Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of commercial wardrobe pieces. These limited-edition collections are a great way to avoid wasting time and money shopping for outfits. They also fight overconsumption and protect the environment. A single cotton T-shirt, for example, takes seven hundred and thirteen gallons of water to grow.

The new label has a number of products to offer. Their capsule collections are versatile and can be worn to many different occasions. They include pieces like everyday jeans, a basic sweater, and a dress. Staples are the basis of a capsule wardrobe, and stylists recommend 37 pieces as a starting point. However, your capsule wardrobe should be tailored to your personal style.

Vetta Capsule is an ethical fashion label dedicated to capsule wardrobe pieces. The brand’s blazers are made of 100-percent recycled polyester and can be worn as a blazer or vest. Their convertible pieces are designed to save space, time, and money by being multi-functional. The brand also repurposes leftover fabric to make comfortable eco-friendly underwear.

300,000 workers dressed a year by Total Image Group

The Total Image Group is a leader in the uniform industry, dressing over 300,000 workers each day. Its client list includes Pandora, liquor company Dan Murphy’s and Fantastic Furniture, as well as the Australian Winter Olympic team. Total Image Group’s products are worn in many different types of environments, from retail stores to office buildings.

Pamela Jabbour set up her own business at the age of 21 after identifying a gap in the market. The first year was grueling and she almost gave up a number of times. However, she had a mentor in her father, who encouraged her and supported her throughout the process.

Pamela Jabbour is the founder of Total Image Group, a uniform designer and manufacturer with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and China. Since the company was founded in 2005, it has grown to dress over 300,000 workers in Australia. After graduating from university, Jabbour spent the next twelve months making over one hundred phone calls a day.