The Career of Computer Technicians

Computer Technicians perform a variety of computer repair and maintenance services. Their duties can range from building hardware to installing software and maintaining computer networks. Some work on large computers and networks. This career field also requires extensive knowledge of the hardware and software used on computers. This career field can be very rewarding. The average salary for computer technicians is about $13 per hour.


Computer technicians help businesses, organizations, and home users solve computer problems and maintain computer networks. These technicians install computers, manage server systems, and update software and hardware. They also provide support and training to non-IT employees. They may work in a company’s IT department, provide computer repair and maintenance services, or help the company’s employees learn how to use their equipment.

In addition to installing computers, computer technicians may also install peripheral equipment, servers, networking components, and anti-virus solutions. Certifications vary by company, but the general requirements are typically the same for entry-level computer technicians. Obtaining certifications in one or more of these areas increases your chances of being hired as a computer technician.


If you’re interested in becoming a computer technician, an education will help you build the skills necessary to succeed in the job. A good computer technician should understand how computers work and how to repair different components. One of the most valuable skills a new technician should master is the ability to dismantle a computer and put it back together. In addition, computer technicians should have the ability to update their knowledge on various software programs and hardware systems, including security issues.

There and the folks at Computer Technicians were able to fix my old iMac for a very reasonable price are many computer technician education programs available. These programs are approved by employers and usually offer flexible schedules. Many programs offer online classes, which is convenient for working people. Some computer technician schools also offer volunteer work opportunities for students who already have a full-time job. Volunteer work is another way to build experience and impress hiring managers.


A computer technician’s salary is determined by their level of experience. In May 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median salary for a PC technician was $43,450. However, this salary can vary depending on the skills of the technician, the company they work for, and many other factors.

Computer technicians perform a variety of tasks, ranging from basic troubleshooting to complex computer repair. They are often paid higher than their counterparts in other fields, as they are better qualified and have more experience. In addition, computer technicians often serve as consultants for non-technical people, ensuring that the machines are working properly.

Work environment

A computer technician’s work requires the use of a variety of problem-solving techniques. They need to be able to solve problems in a logical manner and collect relevant data. As such, it is vital to possess strong communication skills. In addition to being skilled in verbal communication, a technician must be able to use technology and computers safely.

Computer technicians work for a wide variety of organizations. Some of these organizations are for-profit, while others are not. Computer technicians often interact with co-workers and other employees in the organization, as well as with clients.