Molecular mixology is a growing trend in the world of cocktail-making

When hiring a mixologist, you can choose from different services such as Cocktail bartenders or Molecular mixologists. There are a few things you need to consider, including the charge period and the minimum charge period. These services are perfect for parties or corporate events. You can also hire them for a short term job as a bartender. Listed below are the benefits of hiring a mixologist for your next event.

Cocktail bartenders

When hiring a cocktail bartender, it is essential to hire someone with a background in mixology. These professionals have a minimum of five years of experience behind the bar and are well-versed in how to make classic cocktails. They also have the skills and knowledge to improvise with bar stock to create more complex drinks. They typically serve groups of up to 25 people. Mixologists may be part-time employees or consultative services.

Depending on the number of people attending your event, you can choose between a full-time professional and part-time, casual staff member. These individuals are usually hired for one or two hours. The charges will depend on their availability, but the minimum charge period is three hours. The charges for one or two-hour functions are less expensive than the full-time rate. However, the experience and the knowledge of the Mixologist will make the event a memorable one.

Molecular mixologists

This innovative practice uses molecular gastronomy equipment to create unique cocktails, including those that have multiple colors, bubbles, and foams. It also uses solid, edible, and even flavored ice. Some Molecular mixologists even create ‘nitro’ cocktails, a type of frozen cocktail that is a combination of ice and alcohol.

Molecular gastronomy chefs were the ones who first created the term “Molecular Mixology.” The goal of this type of mixing is to achieve similar scientific effects in the kitchen and serve up innovative drinks. The word “Molecular Mixology” was first coined in 1988. Jerry Thomas, a bartender and inventor of the Blue Blazer, took the new trend behind the bar. Today, there are hundreds of Molecular Mixologists throughout the Northeast and the world.

Minimum charge period

The minimum charge period for mixologist hire is three hours. The mixologist can serve for longer than three hours, but the fee is lower than the three-hour rate. One or two-hour functions are charged at the three-hour rate. A mixologist can charge a flat fee per hour, but you’ll need to ask them if they’re willing to work for that long. However you can get more than one mixologist for your event if you want to create an exciting drink program that keeps your customers coming back for more.