Dementia Care – Finding the Right Place For Your Loved One

Dementia Care Sydney

Having a loved one with dementia is a difficult task. Whether you have to provide care at home or seek the services of a care home, you may want to consider researching the different options available in Sydney. These facilities can provide a variety of services and have a variety of different types of accommodations. Read on to learn more about what you can expect. You can also get some useful tips for finding the right place for your loved one.

HammondCare Miranda

If you need help looking after your loved Dementia Care Sydney one with dementia, you can choose from several options at HammondCare Miranda. This residential care home has more than 85 years of experience in frail aged care, dementia and palliative care. The facility features 60 beds and six independent apartments, with a multi-purpose room and general store on the ground floor. The staff at HammondCare Miranda is experienced in providing the best care for dementia and other conditions.

Research opportunities for staff

There are a number of research opportunities available to staff at dementia care Sydney facilities. A recent grant from the Australian Department of Health has funded a study to improve the knowledge of staff on advance care planning and their role in dementia care. The study, called the Advance Project, aims to develop training resources and practical tools that will help staff better support families of people with dementia and their carers. It is currently in its third phase, with literature reviews and an environmental scan already complete.

Accommodation for people with dementia

When choosing an aged care facility, it is important to consider the specific needs of the person who has dementia. A dementia diagnosis can be devastating for many couples, causing them to move their loved one to an aged care facility. It can also lead to the separation of the couple, which can be difficult. To help families make the best decision possible, here are some tips for accommodation for people with dementia in Sydney. Read on for more information.

Carers’ experiences

Currently, 376,000 people in Australia have dementia and projections suggest that this figure will rise to 550,000 by 2030. Many carers are informal carers, and their relationship with their loved one often involves a significant amount of stress and physical burden. In Australia, informal carers provide around half of all dementia care in the community. More than 1.2 million people work as informal carers, enabling them to care for loved ones while still living in the community.

Pathways for care

A new study has identified a need for a new dementia clinic in South Western Sydney. The co-created model of care will focus on supporting people with mild to moderate dementia. It will include a dementia key worker who coordinates care, and education and training services for clinicians and those with dementia. These services will be accessible to residents of the region, which is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. This research will identify the factors that will influence the development of new dementia clinics.